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Hi there. I've been doing internet marketing for a couple of years, and started here on Hubpages.

Please visit my blog - Make Money Online in a Recession , which details my journey from the beginning. I had been made unemployed by the great financial crash and had to find some other way of paying the bills.

I participated in the original hubpage challenge way back in 2009, (I mostly wrote finance related hubs such a hub on peer to peer lending, negative equity and choosing the best stock broker.) I later added jewelry related hubs such as hubs on birthstones and the difference between 9ct and 18 ct gold. 

I only managed a paltry 30 hubs for that challenge, but it was instructive in that I learnt a lot about keyword research and which niches were profitable, as well as about how to make myself sit down and just do the work! And some of those hubs are still ranking and still earning.

I'm trying to treat making money like a business, and now own a whole bunch of domains which helps me earn my living full time online. I don't write hubs anymore, but like to pop in and visit with the hubpages community from time to time. On my own sites, I've survived the Google panda update with ease, and hope that hubpages improves too! 

I've written one ebook, Search Engine Optimization for Bing, which is available from Amazon for a bargain price. 

Some of my recent hubs are Buy the Apple iPad and differences between kindle fire and ipad 

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    How to mend a ripped leather jacket

    17 months ago

    Leather jackets are expensive, and there is nothing worse than finding you have ripped yours. To make matters worse, it's expensive getting it mended by a specialist. However, it is now possible for you to mend a rip...

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    Cheryl Cole: a biography

    17 months ago

    Cheryl Cole née Tweedy was born on 30th June 1983 in Newcastle upon Tyne, in Northern England. She had a tough upbringing on a council estate, where she lived with her mother Joan, father Gary, a brother, a...

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    Choosing earrings suitable for newly pierced ears

    11 months ago

    When your ears are first pierced, they are susceptible to infection. This is because you have made a wound in your earlobe, which allows the bacteria on your skin to get into the flesh. Your body will try to heal the...

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    The differences between 9,18 and 22 carat gold

    11 months ago

    How do you tell the difference between 9ct, 18ct and 22ct gold? This page explains the differences in the amount of gold within the jewellery and how to tell what it's been alloyed with...

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    Best Affiliate Networks

    3 years ago

    This page lists the best affiliate networks for online internet marketing

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    How to look 10 years younger

    11 months ago

    In our heads we are always about 27 years old, so sometimes it's a shock to look in the mirror and see someone older. It's actually not hard to look younger than you are by carefully choosing clothes and make-up. Read...

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    How to get rid of acne around the mouth

    11 months ago

    Acne usually appears on the forehead, cheeks and chin and is caused by hormones over stimulating the oil glands in those areas, which then blocks the follicles, allows bacteria to grow there and causes inflamation....

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    How to get your website found in Bing

    4 years ago

    We explain how to rank in Bing (Optimizing for Bing also ranks you in Yahoo)

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    What to do if you are in negative equity

    11 months ago

    You have negative equity in your property when the amount of your outstanding mortgage exceeds the market value of your home. Here is what you can do about it

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    How to settle credit card debt

    11 months ago

    Settle your credit card debts with step by step advice on how to negotiate a debt settlement by yourself

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    Celebrity President: Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla, Cécilia and Marie-Dominique

    3 years ago

    Nicolas Sarkozy was elected the sixth president of the Fifth Republic of France in May 2007. Their first celebrity leader, he is a departure from previous French Presidents in that he courts the press and is happy for...

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